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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Shanghai nuovo tempo e spazio Jiating Hotel (New Spacetime Kingtown Hotel Shanghai), L'hotel si trova al secondo piano di nuovo tempo e Space International Business Plaza, Huichuan Road, all'intersezione della Metro Line 2, linea ferroviaria leggera 3 e linea 4, vicino a Channing Road e Zhongshan Park, collegando i due principali aeroporti, e portando direttamente alla stazione di Shanghai e alla stazione sud di Shanghai. La posizione è superiore e il trasporto è conveniente.

l'hotel ha tutti i tipi di camere ben progettate con buona illuminazione, arredamento semplice e atmosfera; tutte sono dotate di cucina separata e bagno e accesso a Internet a banda larga.La suite superior ha la combinazione di bagno / bagno, vi fornisce servizi di prima classe e servizi avanzati.

ci sono business center, tennis court, squash hall, Shangdao caffè, supermercato, banca e grande parcheggio nell'hotel, con strutture perfette ed elegante disposizione, in modo da poter sentire il calore della casa.
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Recensioni Ancora
  • lv1188
    Confirms execution of slow death
  • baixin
    Apartments. A bit noisy, just outside the subway.
  • esterylin
    great location near subway.
  • vivianmt
    Location good facilities can also
  • e01387285
    The hotel is very good, the location is good, service very helpful, facilities were good.
  • luoxuan0301
    Great location very convenient
  • bonne
    Is convenient!
  • leoism
    Also, originally said to be optional standard room/single room, to say, no standard
  • peter gao
    So worth it!
  • JIM light
    Pretty good.
  • sawen3301
    Only can figure of is location convenient. apartments type hotel, lobby in II floor, from ground to II floor of two Department escalator are bad has, health is poor, bed Shang climbed bug. daily back are see door in plug into many called Miss of advertising card. breakfast is outsourcing to downstairs Shang Island coffee of, morning draw a small block regional to do, quality is poor. laundry service also wash of not clean. checkout of when also somehow to I make out room in consumption a condoms, by I pointed out that yihou and callThe housekeeping Department for recognition before finally gave me canceled. no longer lives here.
  • e00121262
    Nice ... Nice ... a little bit noisy, probably on the side of the road
  • m03528072
  • GARY9765
    Very general, not value for money
  • blueman
    For the fourth time
  • anguojun
    Friend, friends say the hotel is very clean, location is also very convenient
  • wsweiwei
    New apartment, this is the best, the surrounding environment, dreaming of the Dragon and the Paris spring
  • niuniu007
    Location didn't have said Zhongshan Park subway station exit 7th is a travel, very convenient. hotel reception, 2/f, through the open elevator, but sometimes does not open, you have to detour to the back parking lot elevator ... Breakfast is porridge? buns and the like to eat a great deal of room around Wi-Fi generally untidy and tall very quiet to live in general economic utility is recommended
  • David6615
    Very close to Metro station, easy to eat, good
  • a85770243
    Shanghai House prices, after all, expensive, General conditions, but worth the price
  • absoft
    Slightly dirty bathroom, shower the ground black, also some old ones, service is good
  • cancerrabbit
    Room not very clean, service ... very close to the Metro. unhappy received pornographic leaflets per night.
  • anan600
    Near Zhongshan Park, convenient, convenient living facilities, primarily leave companies very close, lies across the narrow street, very convenient.
  • carolyn1228
    Well, the key is nice
  • jcj722
    Good location. others like nothing, but thanks to free upgraded room. Then to give a great, breakfast served to the room. see restaurant is that the reason?
  • ELSA0606
    Great hotel, service is no publicity has WiFi, but no, is very disappointing.
  • e01061887
    Is where I lived the worst hotel breakfast or meals, poor, sent to seven in the morning, let no one sleep, and the cold is only sent a copy
  • aliaduo
    Major is easily accessible, other conditions I can hehe
  • deymls
    Very good location
  • Man.ocean
    Helping friend, heard not too satisfied with the room air conditioning system heat more slowly, air conditioning outside unit out of the window, night sounds loud, health conditions are so-so. hotel rooms or long term lease to the company Office, so access to the more cluttered, outside porn small cards in, hotel security situation is not optimistic, friend said never set this.
  • e00642980
    Reservation of company personnel, and heard very well.
  • liuming258
    Felt was dangerous. is an apartment ... people miscellaneous. health is not so good.
  • aa9726
    Zhongshan Park is located in the downtown, next to the Dragon dream Mall, a large, eat drops, drinks, leisure everything, nice, feel at home, very good!
  • jetluo
    Environment is very good, service was OK, again comes
  • fisting
    Hotel is good, so-so quality of service, the price is relatively expensive, breakfast is of poor quality, the next is not expected to come again!
  • annymin
  • effiedff
    Very convenient of hotel, Zhongshan Park Metro station 7th, mouth, around has Dragon of dream and rose square and the Paris spring, also has Park. very convenient of hotel, Zhongshan Park Metro station 7th, mouth, around has Dragon of dream and rose square and the Paris spring, also has Park. very convenient of hotel, Zhongshan Park Metro station 7th, mouth, around has Dragon of dream and rose square and the Paris spring, also has Park.
  • elaine0231
    Near from the Metro travel more convenient
  • bamjbamj
    Great location ... convenient.
  • cc1169
    From the company's close friends recommend this hotel said it was good so choose. hotels with breakfast, simple, big room, high floor, rooms have air conditioning, warm, next time will stay
  • Ann804
    Main is convenient, close to Metro Line 2 to line around dinner place to shop more, others boast, service or facility is a slag, overall.
  • jdjia
  • yu185
    Convenient, very convenient!
  • lxr423140861
    Subway is convenient to shopping and convenient, more suitable for business travel
  • bg6443
    Outdated facilities, subway traffic is convenient,
  • comeontome
    Hotels in Zhongshan Park next to the line from the Metro Line 3, Line 4 is close to the Metro, easy to drive and take the subway, across the road from the Dragon's dream, shopping eating is very convenient, is the facilities of the hotel is a bit old.
  • bairu8369
    Not recommended. lobby on the 2 floor, Elevator, only luggage. breakfast is available in the 1/f of the UCC,. apartment renovation for room service, subways, noise. Window air conditioner outdoor unit sounds great, sleep well.
  • envior
    Friends responded well, next time you will choose to stay.
  • dgdpx
    2/f (front desk), no elevator (not found), 34 steps on the luggage is very difficult.
  • livelyyue2
    Not very pleasant stay, cheap is not good. but will also be hotel's location is very good, leaving the subway station is just 5 minutes away and convenient.